Dr. Gonzos

Life is too short to be bland! Man bites hot dog… no news. Hot dog bites man… BIG NEWS! The “Good Doctor” produces a line of all natural condiments with no fillers or preservatives (just what’s in the produce), that can be used in a variety of ways.  So, what are you waiting for? Give your food a fighting chance to bite back with Dr. GONZO’s Uncommon Condiments!
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PS, “They” say that our product line goes well with good beer… the “Good Doctor” thinks that this theory needs a lot more testing.

Hot Pepper Mashes
Hot Pepper Mashes

Are these all-natural hot pepper relishes, chip dips, marinades, breakfast food groups or just another exotic beer enhancement tool?

Kickin’ Mustards

Our three very distinct mustard products are great on a variety of food groups or just straight from the jar! Some folks can’t leave the house without ’em. Enjoy!

Hot Sauces
Hot Sauces

When you get tired of the usual heat/vinegar/salt combination or you actually want to taste the food you have purchased, give our four Hot Sauces a try. They each have distinct heat, flavor and texture profiles some folks find mildly addictive.

Amazing Rubs
Rubs & Spice Mixes

Our all natural, low sodium spice blends are perfect as a rub, party dip or used instead of your salt & pepper shaker. You’ll find it hard to put these babies away…

Dr. Gonzo’s Apparel

Dr. GONZO’s line or durable wear that will tickle yer fancy!

Frameable Art

Unique Dr. GONZO frame worthy art by local art legends. Be the first in your trailer park or dorm to collect them all!

Did you know…?
When we say “Award-winning,” we’re not kidding! The Dr. Gonzo product line is the proud recipient of the following awards. In 2007, Professional Grade Habaneromash WON Chile Pepper Magazine’s Fiery Foods Challenge in the Best Relish category! In 2008, Professional Grade Habaneromash took a razor-thin second to a certain competitor from the underworld in the Scovie Awards’ Best Condiments: Relish division. That’s still worthy of this icon!

About Us

Dr. GONZO’s Uncommon Condiments  began in 1997, dedicated to the proposition that Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Bad Condiments.  Our products are all-natural, with no fillers, fluff, or artificial anythings.  You can pronounce everything that’s on the label or in the jar (with the possible exception of Kamehamehamash, and we give classes on that the alternate 5th Thursdays of September).
Our products are all about the flavor, then the heat.  You get the full flavor and nose of the fruit in every jar.  We are here to enhance your experience of great food and great company.
Over the years, our customers have shown us that these products exceed our wildest expectations.  To you, our dedicated following on the joyous lunatic fringe, we extend our thanks for embracing us and making us your own.  Your creativity in cooking, exuberance for making a special occasion of everyday life, and complete passion for fun make it all worthwhile.  There is no greater compliment than to have you take our efforts and fly with them.

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